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Thermal Spotmeter

The thermal spotmeter can trigger events based on the measured temperature. The measurement area covers the four pixels at the center of the image.

Important Note

The temperature of objects in the image as determined by the thermal sensors is influenced mostly by the following factors:

This means that the sensor can deliver different temperature values depending on the distance to the object and the current scene. In order to define events that are based on temperature trigger values, you first need to determine the current temperature values measured in the scene. To do so, you can use the variables $(SEN.TSR.CELSIUS) and $(SEN.TSR.FAHRENHEIT) for the right sensor or $(SEN.TSL.CELSIUS) and $(SEN.TSL.FAHRENHEIT) for the left sensor. The determined values can then be used to set the trigger value defined below.

General Settings of the Thermal Spotmeter

Show Crosshairs

In order to exactly point the sensor to the object you want to measure, the camera can display crosshairs in the live image. The circle at the center of the crosshairs shows the four pixels that are used for measuring.

Temperature Unit

Show the temperatures either in degrees Centigrade (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F).

Trigger Values

Enter the temperature value that is used to trigger an event when it exceeds or when it drops below the value (depending on the setting of the Comparison parameter, see below).


Select between triggering the event when it exceeds or when it drops below the specified trigger value.

Action Type

Define how often the event is to be triggered:

Storing the Configuration

Click on the Set button to activate your settings and to save them until the next reboot of the camera.

Click on the Factory button to load the factory defaults for this dialog (this button may not be present in all dialogs).

Click on the Restore button to undo your most recent changes that have not been stored in the camera permanently.

Click on the Close button to close the dialog. While closing the dialog, the system checks the entire configuration for changes. If changes are detected, you will be asked if you would like to store the entire configuration permanently.

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